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Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings

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Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings

Welcome To Our Company! Located in the Heart of the Entertainment Capital of Hollywood, California, Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings offers a wide range of Services, Facilities, Equipment, and cutting-edge Technologies that can accommodate the needs of Feature Films, Episodic Television, Commercials, Corporate Advertising, Games, Music Videos, and many other Business and Entertainment-related purposes.

Composed of six operating divisions, including – Albert Sweet Development, Occidental Studios, Occidental Technologies, Occidental Lighting & Grip, Tricor Entertainment, and Prop Services WestOccidental Entertainment Group Holdings operates 15 Sound Stages…; has roughly a million square feet of Production, Executive, Editorial & Creative Office Space…; supports its operations with more than 1,500 Parking Spaces…; and offers a vast array of Lighting, Grip, Props, and Technical Services.

Built in 1913, our Main Lot on Occidental Boulevard is Hollywood’s oldest continuously operated shooting studio. We’re part of Hollywood’s history, and we treasure our ties to the bygone era of great filmmakers including, Cecil B. DeMille, D.W. Griffith, and Mary Pickford, who first worked at the studio as an actress and independent filmmaker in its early years. Since 1990, the studio has been completely renovated and expanded while preserving its classic architecture and ambience. Our newest 20,000 sq.’ Sound Stage & 4-story Production Center is yet another capstone in our company’s growing history.

Our many office buildings provide a wide range of options for small and large companies alike, and have come to be known as “The Sweetest Suites In Hollywood.”

All of our Stage Operations and Office Buildings are situated on a 17 acre+ footprint located throughout Hollywood, North Hollywood, Van Nuys, and the Greater Los Angeles area…; which makes Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings one of the largest Independent Studios in our industry and an ideal home for any project.

Please contact our Corporate Offices if we can provide a quote, arrange a tour, or do anything else to be of service.


201 North Occidental Boulevard
East Hollywood, CA 90026

Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings

Ricky Stoutland

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Occidental Studios

With a dozen stages of varying sizes throughout LA, Occidental Studios is committed to excellence, providing support services to meet the diversified needs of motion picture, television, commercial and Internet productions.

Our state-of-the-art stages range in size from 1,000 to 43,000 square feet. Multiple locations in and around Hollywood offer cost effective facilities that will satisfy the varying needs of today’s filmmakers. We offer great choices and the highest level of customer service in the business.

  • Air Conditioned Stages
  • Hard Wall Cycs & Camera Pits
  • Lighting & Grip Packages
  • Expendables
  • Mill Space
  • Ample Parking
  • Green & Blue Screen Stages
  • Production Offices
  • Production/Star Bungalows
  • Hair/Make-up Rooms
  • Dressing Rooms
  • Smart Stage/Virtual Studio System
  • Props/Wardrobe
  • High Bandwidth Fiber Optics

Built in 1913, our main lot on Occidental Boulevard is Hollywood’s oldest continuously operated shooting studio. We’re part of Hollywood’s history and we treasure our ties to the by-gone era of great filmmakers, including Cecil B. De Mille, D.W. Griffith, and Mary Pickford, who first worked at the studio as an actress and independent filmmaker in its early years. While valuing our past, we’ve also adapted to the present day needs of our clientele. Over the past two decades, our main lot has been transformed and upgraded, including adding a new multi-million dollar, four story, state-of-the-art sound stage and production center. This gated 3½ acre studio lot houses three other sound stages totaling another 20,000 sq.’ and is among a total of a dozen Occidental sound stages ranging from 5,000 sq.’ – 40,000 sq.’ located throughout the greater Los Angeles area.


201 North Occidental Boulevard
East Hollywood, CA 90026

Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings

Ricky Stoutland

Phone: 213-384-3331
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Email: Ricky Stoutland

Occidental Technologies

As early as 1995, Occidental Studios believed digital technology would launch a new paradigm in content creation. Occidental’s early contribution to “Hollywood’s Digital Revolution” was to create, test, and rent the original “Smart Stage” facility.

By 2002, the company was offering filmmakers a robust, easy to use, and affordable system that gave client’s the ability to track all 7-axis’ of camera movement, and then use that 4k tracking data to drive a background plate. This virtual compositing environment supported digitally generated photo-real background plates, and was twice showcased by the Directors Guild of America’s Digital Committee.

Occidental Entertainment views the sound-stage as a cauldron of creative energy that can be enhanced and made more capable through the application of digital technology and connectivity. Occidental Technologies continues to bring innovative and relevant services that enhance the shooting experience.


In Van Nuys
8019 Haskell Avenue
Van Nuys, CA 91406

In West Hollywood
7347 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046

Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings

Ricky Stoutland

Phone: 213-384-3331
Fax: 213-384-2684
Email: Ricky Stoutland

Occidental Lighting & Grip

For the past three decades, Occidental Studios has supplied Lighting & Grip equipment as a related service to our studio clients. The overwhelming success of this production service has prompted Occidental to expand its operations to two locations, one in Van Nuys and one in West Hollywood, to house 8-figures of studio and location equipment inventory.

Supporting our studio clients with a large, modern, well-maintained, and diverse equipment inventory is just where it starts, because Occidental’s Lighting team understands the connection between the artist and the tools. Lighting units, like the brushes in the hands of a great artist, come in many forms and with great variation and subtlety. Filmmakers “paint” with light. We care about the success of those who choose us, and we pride ourselves on our ability to stay connected to our client’s needs…, making changes in equipment lists and delivery dates…, and living under the budget constraints of modern productions.

Most of all, providing great service is a matter of staff, and Occidental Lighting & Grip has populated its operations with people who have amassed vast experience and demonstrated a true love-of-craft. Whether a large, complicated, long-running TV series or feature film; or simply a one day still shoot, Occidental Lighting & Grip will approach your project with the same degree of focus and professional support – always aware of the ever-changing demands of production.

  • Centrally located in Hollywood
  • Competitive pricing
  • 8 figure inventory of electric and grip equipment
  • Support both stage and location packages
  • 24 hour location services, 7 days a week
  • Top-of-the-line recognized product lines
  • Production trailers and generators
  • 5 and 10 ton vehicles with shelving
  • Full line of expendables for camera, electric, grip, prop, etc.
  • Prompt delivery and attention to detail

As you consider the needs of your next project, think of Occidental Lighting & Grip. Our team of professionals are here to serve you!

For more information and to place an order, please call 213-384-3331.


1149 North McCadden Place
Hollywood, CA 90038, USA

Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings

General Information
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Tricor Entertainment

As a newly-acquired entity that has become part of Occidental Entertainment Group’s family of companies, Tricor Entertainment deals in all content-related ventures focusing on storytelling in all media and for all distribution platforms. Through its credibility within the creative, business, and financial sectors of the filmmaking community, Tricor has attracted numerous screenplays, books, and prominent life-stories that are in various phases of development. Tricor’s projects have been produced independently or in conjunction with a major studio. Completed Productions include: The Bridge of San Luis Rey (Robert DeNiro, Kathy Bates, Gabriel Byrne, Harvey Keitel, F. Murray Abraham); The Devil & Daniel Webster (Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Dan Aykroyd, Kim Cattrall); The Amati Girls (Mercedes Ruehl, Paul Sorvino, Lee Grant, Cloris Leachman, Mark Harmon, Sean Young); Extreme Days (Cassidy Rae, Dante Basco, Ryan Browning, A.J. Buckley, Derek Hamilton); Carlo’s Wake (Martin Landau, Rita Moreno, Mike Chiklis, Christopher Meloni, Theresa Seldana, Helen Slater); and The Homecoming of Jimmy White Cloud. Tricor has also owned and operated a major Theater Circuit in Southeast Asia along with a Film Distribution Company. More than 100 titles have been released, including such blockbusters as: King Kong, Spider-Man, Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator, The Hulk, The Mummy, Tomb Raider, Meet The Parents, Mission Impossible, Men In Black II, Jurassic Park III, Shakespeare In Love, James Bond: The World Is Not Enough, and many more.

Albert Sweet Development

1149 N. McCadden Pl.
Hollywood, CA 90036

Gail Wong
Sr. VP | Leasing & Acquisitions

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Email: Gail Wong

Albert Sweet Development

“The Sweetest Suites In Hollywood!”

This statement has long been synonymous with Albert Sweet Development (ASD). A Real Estate Division of Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings.

Whether you’re looking for production offices, executive suites, editorial rooms, warehouse space, or ample parking to support your operations, ASD offers creative suites from 500 sq’ to office buildings upwards of 30,000 sq’. If your business is creative, technical, or simply one that thrives in open and airy environments, ASD has got something for you. Please give us a call to discuss availability and arrange a tour.

Prop Services West

7040 Laurel Canyon Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91605

  Phone: 818-503-2790
  Fax: 818-503-2712

  [email protected]

PSW Haskell Annex

8019 Haskell Avenue,
Van Nuys, CA 91406

  Phone: 818-697-8808

Prop Services West

At Prop Services West (PSW), we offer a great selection of set dressing and props. From classic to contemporary, eclectic to elegant.., vintage to varieties of one-of-a-kind pieces. Need a living room for an upscale family; or the kitchen of their poor relatives; and all the stuff in between? PSW has this and more. PSW has been providing unparalleled customer service since 1978, serving countless productions for more than three decades.

Over 75,000 items in our showroom and warehouse with new items added weekly.

Collections include Stickley, Tommy Bahama, Biedermeier, and Haptor Barrett, among many others.

Hundreds of couches, bedroom suites, chairs and tables. Most arranged showroom style for shopping ease. One of the most comprehensive rug collections in Los Angeles…, 100’s of pairs of table and floor lamps… and thousands of pieces of art – graphics, oils, photography, and statues – all cleared.

PSW also offers a “Virtual Warehouse.” — For more information, please call 818-503-2790 or email us at [email protected]

Visit & Shop online at www.PropServicesWest.com

Executive Profiles

  • Albert Sweet · Co-Chairman & Founder · Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings
  • Craig C. Darian · Co-Chairman & Chief Executive Officer · Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings
  • Catherine Jones · Vice President & Executive Administrator, Office Of The Chairmen · Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings
  • Richard Howard · EVP, Chief Operating Officer · Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings
  • Richard Glaser · Sr. Vice President & Chief Financial Officer · Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings
  • Tanya Rebrova · Sr. Vice President & Chief Accounting Officer · Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings
  • Natasha Lozovskaya · Sr. Vice President & Controller · Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings
  • Niki Lauda Siraki · Director of Security · Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings
  • Ricky Stoutland · President · Occidental Studios
  • Ignacio Martinez · Sr. Vice President / Operations · Occidental Studios
  • Jeff Jamison · Sr. Vice President Sales & Administration · Occidental Studios
  • Anita Siraki · Sr. Vice President / Operations · Albert Sweet Development
  • Gail Wong · Sr. Vice President / Leasing & Acquisitions · Albert Sweet Development
  • Marcus Davis · Sr. Vice President / Property & Construction Management · Albert Sweet Development

Albert Sweet

Co-Chairman & Founder
Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings

Albert Sweet is a prominent executive, entrepreneur, and commercial real estate developer who has been investing in Hollywood neighborhoods for the past four decades. His formula is simple — acquire classic older buildings that offer substantial parking, and restore them with high quality creative improvements.

Following his days building a national food service and heating & air conditioning company, which was later acquired by Hyatt Corporation, Mr. Sweet had a different kind of vision of “glitz and glamour” in Hollywood. At a time when others were thinking about “Showbiz”, he was thinking about the revitalization of commercial buildings that have since become home to countless companies doing business in the entertainment industry.

Under what has now become Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings, Inc., Mr. Sweet has acquired more than four dozen commercial properties in and around the Hollywood area, which are comprised of a dozen sound stages and more than a million square feet of creative, production, and post-production facilities that have serviced every major studio and network within the entertainment Industry.

As a Philanthropist, Mr. Sweet is active in numerous civic, political, and charitable endeavors. These include: Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, KCET, Hebrew University, New Directions Veteran’s Services, Hadassah Medical Center, Junior Blind of America, St. Anne’s Home for Unwed Mothers, JETS – Jewish Education Training School, Southern Poverty Law Center, weSpark Cancer Support Center, and many more. Mr. Sweet’s dedication has always been to humanitarian causes that affect people of all backgrounds and faiths.

Mr. Sweet has been honored by many organizations in recognition of his years of philanthropic giving and business achievements. These organizations include the Los Angeles City Council, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Hollywood Film Festival, Jewish Educational Trade School, Technion, Hadassah, St. Anne’s and New Directions For Veterans.

Mr. Sweet has two adult children and nine grandchildren. He lives in Malibu, CA.

Click here to visit the Albert Sweet website.

Craig C. Darian

Co-Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings

Mr. Darian is an Executive, Producer, and Businessman in the Entertainment Industry who has owned and operated several companies, and who has served in many senior management positions for publicly-traded and privately-held companies, alike.

As Co-Chairman & CEO of Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings, Inc., Mr. Darian currently presides over five operating divisions, including fifteen sound stages, and roughly three dozen office buildings comprised of roughly a million square feet of production, editorial, and creative office space. Through its non-entertainment operations, Occidental Entertainment owns properties throughout the country.

As Co-Chairman & CEO of Tricor Entertainment, Inc., Mr. Darian has Produced several films starring many prominent actors, including Academy Award Winners Robert DeNiro, Anthony Hopkins, Kathy Bates, F. Murray Abraham, Mercedes Ruehl, Lee Grant, Cloris Leachman, Martin Landau, and Rita Moreno. Among Mr. Darian’s more than 100 International Distribution credits are: King Kong, Spider-Man, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Pearl Harbor, Gladiator, Mission Impossible, The Mummy, Jurassic Park III, Hulk, War of the Worlds, Tomb Raider, Meet The Parents and Shakespeare In Love. Affiliated companies owned and operated by Tricor Entertainment are: Cinema 1 Theater Circuit and ChinaAmerica Film Distributors — both Asia-based operations.

As Chairman & CEO of Darian Management Group, LLC, a diversified Management & Business Consulting Firm, Mr. Darian has represented a wide range of clients doing business in the Motion Picture, Television and Music Industries. Among the Studio Facilities and Technical-Service Companies that Mr. Darian has owned, operated, and/or represented in a senior capacity during the past three decades are: Glen Glenn Studios, Todd-AO, Lucasfilms’ Skywalker Sound, Record Plant, Republic Studios, Matrix Studios, Ryder Sound, AME/All Post and the Sound Divisions at Paramount Studios, Walt Disney Studios, CBS/MTM Studios and Marvel Entertainment. Corporate Clients have included: Pacific Capital, Westar Capital, Reprise Capital, Banque Audi, Cedars Bank, Ramsey Shilling, Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, CMG Worldwide, Omni Hotel, etc.

Mr. Darian’s 50% stakeholder interest in Occidental Entertainment Group and Tricor Entertainment is held through his wholly-owned company, DMG Holdings, Inc. – in which he is Chairman & CEO. DMG Holdings owns 100% of Darian Management Group and other non-entertainment related assets.

Mr. Darian is a longtime voting Member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Producers Guild of America, Television Academy, and Los Angeles County Bar Association, where he serves on the DRS Panel of Arbitrators. He serves, or has also served, on the Board of Directors for several Civic & Philanthropic organizations, including the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, where he was Chairman of the Management Committee; Shakespeare Center LA, where he is President Of The Board and Co-Chairman of the Veteran’s Affairs Committee; The Salvation Army, where he is on the Los Angeles Metro Board; Hollywood Entertainment Sports League, where he was Commissioner; Republic Corporation Credit Union, where he was Chairman of the Board of Trustees; Technion University, where he serves on the International Board of Governors; St. Anne’s, Board of Directors & Leadership Committee; Presidential Council Against Teenage Smoking, Appointed by President Clinton and reaffirmed by President Bush; and the Hollywood Historic Trust and Walk of Fame Trust that separately oversee the Hollywood Sign and Walk of Fame, where he was Chairman of the Board of Trustees. With the Hollywood Community Foundation he is on the Board of Directors. He is also a Trustee with The Washington Institute and Institute of National Security Studies (“INSS”).

In June, 2013, Mr. Darian was honored as a “Hero of Hollywood” by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, along with screen legend, Debbie Reynolds. In May, 2014, he was honored with the “Courageous Leadership Award” by Women Against Gun Violence. In October 2017, he was honored by New Directions For Veterans with the “Community Hero Award,” along with Congresswoman Maxine Waters. In April 2019, he was honored with an Angel Award by St. Anne’s, along with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Mr. Darian lives in Pasadena with his wife Kimberly – they’ve been married 45 years and have 3 children & 4 grandchildren.

Click here to visit Craig Darian’s website.

Catherine Jones

Vice President & Executive Administrator · Office Of The Chairmen
Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings

Catherine is Vice President & Executive Administrator for the Office Of The Chairmen. In this capacity, she supports our Company’s Co-Chairmen — Albert Sweet and Craig Darian in multiple regards. Further, Catherine has a strong knowledge of computer software and contributes to our company’s graphic design layouts for its various divisions. She also oversees all production-related activities at the Malibu compound.

Catherine has an Associate in Arts degree in Telecommunications & Business from Moorpark Community College, and has countless hours of study in a host of desktop applications. She currently resides in Ventura County. She has a daughter and two grandsons.

Richard Howard

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings

As Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings, Mr. Howard administers the day-to-day operations and administrative affairs of the company. Mr. Howard received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Oklahoma, after which, he went on to practice law with Hall, Estill, Hardwick, Gable, Golden and Nelson, the largest law firm in Oklahoma with offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Washington D.C. and The Hague. In addition to his legal education and experience, Mr. Howard earned his Master of Business Administration degree and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Mr. Howard also studied film at the prestigious National Film and Television School in London, England, where he produced a series of short films, including the critically acclaimed short documentary, Bridge The Gap.

Prior to joining the company in 2004, Mr. Howard served as Executive Vice President of Financial and Business Affairs and as a member of the Board of Directors of Providence Entertainment, a motion picture distribution company, which released the highest grossing independent film of 1999, The Omega Code. He also served as a consultant to various clients including Paramount Pictures, Los Angeles City College, and the Institute of Cinema & Television Production. He is active in the Hollywood community, serving on the Board of Directors of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the Hollywood Media District BID.

Mr. Howard has been married for 24 years, and he and his wife have three children.

Richard Glaser

Sr. Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings

Mr. Glaser is Sr. Vice President & Chief Financial Officer for Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings where he oversees all financial management aspects of the company, including the day-to-day supervision of the Accounting Department, banking relationships, and all matters pertaining to tax reporting and corporate governance.

Before joining the company in 1983, Mr. Glaser was Controller for National Air Systems; Vice President of Elsters, Inc; and Finance Officer for Acme Hardware Co.

Mr. Glaser attended Bernard Baruch School of Business / CCNY for Accounting in New York City, and was a Surveyor for the US Army Artillery stationed in Germany. He lives in Northridge, and has two children and six grandchildren.

Tanya Rebrova

Sr. Vice President & Chief Accounting Officer
Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings

Ms. Rebrova is Sr. Vice President & Chief Accounting Officer for Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings, having joined the company in 1998. Ms. Rebrova maintains overall authority for the company’s day-to-day financial operations, including preparation of combined P&L reports, liquidity reports, corporate audits, taxation, accounting, journal entries, and accounts reconciliation. She supports the CFO, COO, and CEO in all financial and administrative matters of the company.

Ms. Rebrova received a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Moscow State University Department of Transportation, and attended UCLA where she studied Business & Management.

Natasha Lozovskaya

Sr. Vice President & Controller
Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings

Ms. Natalia Lozovskaya is the Sr. Vice President & Controller for Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings. Prior to joining the company in 2015, Ms. Lozovskaya worked as a Senior Accountant for a Los Angeles CPA firm where she specialized in different industries, including real estate.

Ms. Lozovskaya earned a Master Degree in Public Relations from Krasnodar State University, and studied accounting at UCLA. She is a licensed Certified Public Accountant. She lives in Sherman Oaks, California with her husband and son.

Niki Lauda Siraki

Director of Security
Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings

Adept at chasing Squirrels and Volkswagens alike, Niki is Occidental’s Director of Security. Sometimes she smiles at Visitors, while other times she shows her grill. The challenge for guests is to guess – “which one is she doing!?”

A Beauty Queen who’s the face of Science Diet’s Fit & Radiant Dog Food, Niki now loves to attend Staff Meetings, Eating Turkey with Old Men, occasionally Peeing on Coworkers, and Stealing Chicken from the Reception Desk. She joined the company in 2014.

Ricky Stoutland

Occidental Studios

Ricky Stoutland is President of Occidental Studios, the Studio Division of Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings. He is responsible for the overall day-to-day management of studio-related operations, including stage rentals, lighting & grip, technical services, and client support.

Mr. Stoutland has over thirty five years of marketing, production, and management experience in the entertainment industry, having begun his career working as a marketing executive for a stage production facility in Hollywood before transitioning into film and TV production at Warner Bros. and Disney. He spent a number of years working as an Assistant Director, Development Executive, and Producer before joining Occidental Studios in 2001.

Mr. Stoutland earned a Masters Degree in film producing from the University of Southern California. He currently serves on the Trustee Board for St. Anne’s Children and Family Services and resides in Calabasas, CA with his wife.

Ignacio Martinez

Sr. Vice President / Operations
Occidental Studios

Mr. Martinez is Sr. Vice President of Operations for the Studio Group division of Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings. Ignacio has 24 years of experience including 10 years at Sony Pictures where he began his career. Ignacio is in charge of overseeing the daily operations on Occidental’s many stages and also supervises matters relating to Occidental Lighting & Grip.

Jeff Jamison

Sr. Vice President Sales & Administration
Occidental Studios Division

A 30+ year veteran of the entertainment industry, Mr. Jamison has managed production facilities for Metromedia, FOX, Warner Bros., and the Paley Center for Media. He has also worked in television as a line producer and associate producer.

Mr. Jamison is a member of the Producers Guild of America. He has a Master’s Degree in Communications from Regent University and had a stint as adjunct faculty at Azusa Pacific University. He has served on the Board of the Rampart Village Neighborhood Council as Treasurer and is currently an officer on the Board of the Theodore Payne Foundation, an environmental non-profit restoring California’s native habitat.

He lives in Valley Glen with his wife and has 2 children.

Anita Siraki

Sr. VP / Operations
Albert Sweet Development

Anita is Senior Vice President of Operations for the Real Estate Group of Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings, Inc. She is an alumna of Stanford University, where she was a several time All-American in Cross Country and Track & Field. As a nationally-renowned elite athlete, she was named to CIF’s 100th Anniversary Fall All-Century Team, and still holds collegiate records in cross-country.

Gail Wong

Sr. Vice President · Leasing & Acquisitions
Albert Sweet Development

Gail Wong is Sr. Vice President of Leasing & Acquisitions for Albert Sweet Development (“ASD”), the Real Estate Group of Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings. She specializes in the leasing of commercial office space, including creative, production, executive, editorial, and warehouse space with ASD’s portfolio of roughly 3-dozen properties in the Hollywood are. Ms. Wong takes pride in providing exceptional service by supplying individualized attention to the varying needs of our clients.

Prior to joining the company in 2003, Ms. Wong was Vice President – Western Region for JMB Properties Co. in Century City. During this period, Ms. Wong was involved in the management of 25 million square feet of high rise office space in Southern California.

Ms. Wong attended the University of Southern California, is a licensed Real Estate Agent in California, and holds BOMA’s RPA designation.

Marcus Davis

Sr. Vice President / Property & Construction Management
Albert Sweet Development

Marcus Davis serves as Senior Vice President of Property & Construction Management for Albert Sweet Development — the Real Estate Division of Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings.

In this capacity, he is responsible for all day-to-day supervision of maintenance, property management, real estate development, and renovations for the company. This includes development approach, team selection, site due diligence, space planning, design, budgeting, contract negotiation, private and governmental relations, municipal approvals, and financial oversight of maintenance, renovation projects, tenant improvements and construction.

Marcus has overseen the successful entitlement, commencement and completion of hundreds of renovations, repairs, tenant improvements, development and construction projects over five operating divisions.

Marcus has more than 20 years of experience in the financial and real estate industry — including commercial, student housing and multi-family sectors. He began his career in the financial industry with Washington Mutual Bank (NYSE), later with Bank of America (NYSE), entering the real estate industry with American Campus Communities (NYSE), and later with Archstone-Smith (NYSE), holding several different positions during his 10 year tenure.

Marcus currently resides in Burbank, CA with his wife and three daughters.

Craig C. Darian

Co-Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings

A goal without a time-driven plan is just a dream.

By analogy, I’m fond of saying – “No matter how beautiful a mid-court swish, if the ball goes in a second after the shot clock, it counts for nothing.”

Yes, time is almost always a factor; and the passage of time does frequently determine the fate of the project.

In managing creative geniuses for the past few decades, I often hear “I have a great idea!” I counter with, “Let’s start with I have an idea, and after we quantify and time-drive it, we can better determine if it’s truly a great idea.”

The bottom line is really quite simple: Merge an Entrepreneurial Spirit with a Public-Company Discipline and good things will follow. Creative brilliance and managerial discipline will be on a collision course that will be good for all.


Craig C. Darian

Co-Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings

Education without wisdom is analogous to having speed without direction. You usually get nowhere fast, or to a place where you wish you had cut in another direction.

The message: Really think and “turn the Kaleidoscope” a few times before you act on emotional impulse. The changing picture might change your optics, and affect how you act under the circumstances.

With so many of our best & brightest having just graduated from exceptional academic institutions, it’s an important reminder that while education has the potential of opening many doors, it is wisdom that guides us what to do once we get in. Equally relevant, it guides us as to whether or not it’s a door worth opening in the first place.

I like to think of education and intelligence as corresponding with our brain…; while wisdom and imagination correspond with our soul. That is, the difference has more to do with who we are, rather than what we’re taught.

Business Tenets vs. Philosophical Tenets — Are they mutually exclusive? I don’t think so. What I’ve found in business is that when people agree philosophically on their respective objectives, deals get done; whereas, when they significantly differ, deals fail and people become resentful.

Publishing mogul, B.C. Forbes, used to say: “With all thy getting, get understanding.”

On point, understand others. Understand situations. And understand that there is more to life than the pursuit of money and possessions. Money should not be the purpose of your objectives…; money will be the inevitable by-product of being the best. And being “the best” does not rest exclusively with being smart.

There is good wisdom in this, and a lesson worth remembering.


Craig C. Darian

Co-Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings

“Do what you regard to be ‘the right thing‘ to do — even when you don’t have an obligation to do so. And avoid the temptation to do the ‘the wrong thing‘ — even when you think you can get away with it.

I often think of this quote, which happened to be an impromptu answer of mine a few years ago when I was asked by a student at USC’s Marshall School Business for my definition of “Ethics.”

To put this in context, I was honored to be one of three panelists addressing a couple hundred students who were taking a Master level course captioned “Ethics In Business.” Gratefully, I was able to quickly come up with a simple answer to a complex question… and yet, my words are so much easier said than done.

Just look around. The conscience of Wall Street has crumbled… Presidents have stumbled… Governors have faltered… Generals have fallen from grace… Cops commit crimes… and Pastors beg for forgiveness. Yes, leaders from all walks of life, who are entrusted with the public’s faith and confidence, do tend to get “intoxicated on their own moonshine.”

Sadly, they all-too-often find themselves adoring a self-image magnified by public admiration…; and they presume to have a sense of power that is somehow impervious to failure and above reproach. But alas, we are all human… and in the end, it is those human frailties and human blunders that often bring us down.

So why is this message somehow pertinent during the Holiday Season? And why do I feel it’s worth mentioning as we say goodbye to 2012?

From my perspective, and irrespective of one’s religious beliefs, there is no better time than the Holidays to remind ourselves of the value of ethics, morality, trust, character, kindness, and those positive traits that make us deserving of praise and worthy of the respect of others. And it is a perfect time to consider more carefully the competing tenets of selflessness vs. selfishness.

As we approach the end of yet another year, what better time than now to reflect on that which is truly important, and endeavor to do better in the year ahead?

This will continue to be a recurring Resolution of mine as we begin another New Year…; and I hope it will also be one of yours.

May 2013 be a year filled with hope, happiness, peace, and an abiding respect for the rights, liberties, dreams, and choices of all who live among us.
My best wishes are with you all.


Craig C. Darian

Co-Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings

Many of you have heard me say – “I have a very large windshield and a very small rear view mirror. If I like what’s in the past, I’ll bring it along for the ride. If not, I leave it in the road.” Easier said than done – I know. But as we embark upon another New Year, it’s wisdom worth remembering.

The challenges we’ve all faced in the aftermath of 2008 have been significant, notwithstanding the fact that our company has been very fortunate to withstand adversity. 2011 was yet another year of economic hardship for many within the entertainment industry and real estate community; and yet it was also a year in which valuable lessons were learned.

Perhaps the biggest lesson of all is that the cycles and predictors of the past are not reliable factors for predicting the future. Technological advances are now accelerating at an extraordinary pace, and the globe is getting smaller all the time. The relationship between technology and globalization are game-changers; and for companies such as ours, and those we serve, the view must be on emerging trends, emerging markets, and new opportunities for doing business.

To be sure, this does not mean that we will abandon our core business, or the fundamental principles upon which our business was built in the past. Rather, it simply means that we are called upon to look further down the road and anticipate what lies ahead.

While others are cursing the rain, let us all continue to be the ones to search for the rainbow. Faith, optimism, and visionary management will all be key ingredients for success in the New Year. May 2012 be a year of good health, good fortune, and a collaboration of talent that never loses sight of the fact that we are all in this together.


Craig C. Darian

Co-Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings

The slow and steady turtle never wins the race…. It is the cocky and lazy rabbit who loses the race. The moral of the story – Don’t squander your assets, or take successful outcomes for granted.”

This seems to be a timeless message worth remembering — whether you’re an individual working on a small project, or the State of California believing that Hollywood will always be the center where motion pictures and television series will be produced.

The competitive dynamics of the marketplace are like none we’ve seen before, not simply because of an overall downturn in production, but because other states are offering far more generous tax credits and other incentives in a continuing effort to lure productions away from Hollywood (I use this term in the generic sense, not merely the geographic sense).

Although California’s legislature has begun to wake up to what stands to be a daunting and irreversible trend, the incentives offered are not nearly commensurate with what other states are offering, or equal to the importance of our industry in the context of California’s economic well-being.


Craig C. Darian

Co-Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings

It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.
A very simple message, yet so easy to forget.

As we approach the end of yet another year, and so many challenges still abound, it’s nevertheless easy to be grateful for the many blessings that fill our lives.

If you have your sense of sight, look around at those less fortunate. If you have your sense of hearing, listen to the cries of others. If you have your sense of touch, touch the hand of another who could use a helping hand. If you have your sense of taste, relish the taste of every victory, but be sure to share it with those who haven’t tasted victory in far too long.

For every day that passes, ask not what you were able to gain from that day. Ask instead what you were able to leave behind. A legacy of love, of caring, of teaching, and of service to others, is by far the greatest gift of all.

It is in the spirit of the Holiday Season that we give thanks to all of you, and we have made a donation in your honor to three organizations that merit our support – Disabled American Veterans; Make a Wish Foundation; and The Los Angeles Food Bank.

From all of us at Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings and its Family of Companies, we wish you a New Year filled with great prosperity, and a heart filled with random acts of kindness.


Craig C. Darian

Co-Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings

I’ve often said – “We Build Our Ego In Good Times… And Our Character In Bad.

If you believe this to be true, then it reasonably follows that the adverse effects of runaway production, labor strikes, and the vagaries of our economy, have altogether had a very humbling effect on many people and companies within the Hollywood community. READ MORE…

Whether you are directly affected – or are dealing with clients, tenants, vendors, friends, neighbors, or government agencies who are, these are perhaps the most challenging days our industry has ever faced.

At the same time, however, these days are also among the most exciting. Technology is moving at a pace we’ve never seen before; world markets are emerging and expanding with the importation of movies, television, and music; more unconventional sources of capital are finding their way into Hollywood and various aspects of the entertainment industry; and our City and State officials are finally taking a few substantive steps to better protect the high-profile economic-engine that has long made Hollywood the world-class destination it has become.

Do I believe that things are destined to be as they once were? No, I do not. But do I believe that things stand to be bigger and better for those companies that have the vision and motivation to adapt to the changes upon us? Yes, I do.

While it is true that there will always be those who will curse the rain; it is those who search for the rainbow who will emerge most successful in the days ahead. It will not be ego that endures the storm – but character.


Craig C. Darian

Co-Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Occidental Entertainment Group Holdings

On behalf of myself, our company’s Chairman, Albert Sweet, and the entire Management Team & Staff at Occidental Entertainment Group and its Affiliated Companies, we thank you for your interest in our company.

Perhaps more than at any other time in the history of our industry, technology has blossomed to a point where a Filmmaker’s creative vision can be served in countless new and innovative ways. And while the essence of our industry will always be driven by the simple tenets of good storytelling, technology is forced to keep up to serve the creative process, while costs have to be managed so Filmmakers can deliver more movies, better programming, less expensive productions, controlled environments, faster schedules, and greater entertainment and commercial value. These goals are not mutually exclusive.

At Occidental Entertainment Group, it continues to be our goal to play a valuable supporting role in providing our clients with nearly a half million square feet of attractive Offices, 12 well-designed Stages, plenty of support with Lighting, Grip, and Props, and a Technology Group that offers a Virtual Studio, a Motion Capture Stage, and is constantly searching for new ways to help the film-making process.

Whether you’re a filmmaker, executive, editor, or simply love the creative energy found in the many buildings we offer, we welcome you to our company and look forward to the opportunity to be of service.


Sony Pictures
Amazon Studios
TV Land


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